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Corporate Wellness

Why Is Corporate Wellness Program Required?


Increase in






Increased Employee


Reduced Healthcare Cost

Corporate Wellness Program

About YDL’S Corporate Wellness Program

YDL offers customized fitness and wellness solution to the corporates all round. Innovations is the core of our fitness and wellness programs.

  • Analyse & Develop
  • Physical & Mental Health
  • Comprehensive Model
  • Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Analyse & Develop

We analyse and develop customized solution that are not only affordable and suitable, but also beneficial and result -oriented for each specific client. Our team of expert are dedicated to help you incorporate fitness and wellness in your organization at every step.

Physical & Mental Health

Therefore, we motivate participants to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours that result in lasting improvement. Our solutions help you build different programs to focus not only on physical, but Also, only on social emotional and intellectual well-being.

Comprehensive Model

Our comprehensive model continually evolves to invigorate employees to live well, generating a set of happier, healthier employees with higher productivity equips you with tools to organize, manage and administer wellness programs.

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

These solution providers your organization with initiatives that will motivate your employees to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices. Our tools ain to shift your work culture toward health while simultaneously creating a social support system for employees.

Key Features

Get your Corporate’s Official Fitness Mobile App to help you bring in fitness revolution for your team. Take benefit of Branding and about your Official Fitness App.

Access the endless workout from the library that suits the daily routine of your employees.
Inbuilt data base of food with calculated macros, nutrition value and calories of each food item, so that one can have fun with food but in a calculative manner.
Subscribe to the pre-recorded Workout Programs of different types and intensity to suit your body.

Inbuilt Fitness tools make the clients focus on their growth by recording BMI report and body measurements real time display of comparative analysis of the progress made by employees.

Regular update on an auto generated progress report of employees through the regular diet and workout analysis to improve their overall health.
Socialize with like-minded people in your company to motivate each other through tegular posting of images, quotes and exercise videos to make the bond stronger between them.

Challenge your employees with monthly activity based fitness challenges & rewards

Encourage your employees with monthly challenges held in app itself – be it one min challenge on 1 hour workout. Reward your employees with goodies or freebies for accomplishing the challenges.
Inbuilt general workout for those lazy days when you won’t they won’t feel doing anything extraordinary.
Inbuilt general workout for those lazy days when you won’t they won’t feel doing anything extraordinary.

A regular motivation to keep your employees on track by tips and tricks to make the program fun and easy to follow.